Local Boards of Health

Local Boards of Health

Each county in Northern Kentucky has a Local Board of Health, which sets public health tax rates for their respective counties and maintains a county health center, among other items. Members of the Local Boards of Health are nominated by the four county Judge Executives and are approved by the Kentucky Department for Public Health.

The Local Boards of Health must meet at least once per year, but can meet more often as necessary.

Meeting schedule, agendas and minutes


Boone County Local Board of Health

Charles Kenner, DMD, Chair
Kimberly Arnett, OD
Millie Asseo
Christopher Cunha, MD
Timothy Franxman, MD
Vera Hall, RN
Michael Jones, MD
Gary W. Moore, Judge Executive
Brian Rickert, RPh
Daniel Riegler, PE
Tyler Whisman, PharmD
Anthony Wolfe, DVM

Campbell County Local Board of Health

Judith Harrer, RPh, Chair
James Ernst, OD
Venkatesh Ganapathy, MD
Tom Guidugli, Mayor of Newport
Kevin Hanson, PE
Brandon Heineke, DVM
Steve Pendery, Judge Executive
Michael Schafer, MD
Mark Schroer, MD
Daniel Sheridan, DMD

Grant County Local Board of Health

Jodi Ederer, RN, Chair
Troy Ashcraft, MD
Sandy Delaney, RN
C.E. Dills, Judge Executive
Corey Kightlinger
Amanda Naranjo, PharmD
Patty Poor
Phyllis Reed, APRN
Adam Rich, DMD
Caitlyn T. Simpson, RN
Kathie Morgan Stewart, MD
Sandra Utter, MD

Kenton County Local Board of Health

Lynn C. Shewmaker, OD, Chair
Gregory Bach, DVM
Holly Danneman, MD, FAAFP
Raymond Erpenbeck, PE
Terry Foster, RN
Judi Godsey, PhD, MSN, RN (Designee for Covington Mayor)
Gary Hampton, RPh
Kris Knochelmann, Judge Executive
Kurt Pohlgeers
Shelly Voet, MD
Kevin Wall, DMD

Local Board of Health Reporting

House Bill 1, passed by the Kentucky state legislature in 2013, provides oversights for special governmental entities, which generate public funds. Since the Local Board of Health in each county levies public health taxes, the Local Boards must follow the requirements of House Bill 1. This includes registering and reporting through the Kentucky Department for Local Government and enacting a code of ethics.

Registering and Reporting

Each year, each Local Board of Health must register with the Kentucky Department for Local Government and disclose its finances.

View registrations and disclosures for the four Local Boards of Health in Northern Kentucky

Codes of Ethics

All special taxing districts must also follow a code of ethics. The Local Boards of Health in Northern Kentucky have elected to follow the code of ethics for their respective counties. Copies of those codes can be found below.