I have a concern about sanitation or food preparation at a Northern Kentucky restaurant. What should I do?
The Health Department investigates complaints about sanitation in a restaurant or food contamination. Complaints can be submitted online or by calling 859-341-4151. Please note that it may be a few days before your complaint will be investigated. Often times, incidents causing concern in restaurants are isolated or can be easily corrected.

I became ill after eating at a Northern Kentucky restaurant, what should I do?
Please submit information as a complaint using an online form or by calling 859-341-4151.

Are restaurant workers required to wear gloves when preparing food?
Glove use is not necessarily required when preparing food. If food is handled directly, there must be a barrier in place; the food handler can either wear gloves or use tongs, spatula, etc.

How often should restaurant workers change gloves?
If restaurant workers are wearing gloves, they should be changed regularly, especially between tasks. If a restaurant worker is not wearing gloves, he/she should wash his/her hands frequently.

Are restaurant workers required to wear hair nets when preparing food?
Some type of hair restraint is required for anyone preparing food, but it can be a visor, hat, hairnet, barrettes or pony tail.

An emergency has impacted a food service establishment. What should we/they do?
When emergency situations occur that affect the ability to operate, such as fire, extended power outages and water service interruptions, the establishment should suspend its operations and notify the Health Department. View the guidelines here: Emergency Guidelines for Food Service Establishments