Internships At NKY Health

Internships At NKY Health


Please note: NKY Health’s internship opportunities are suspended until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Student Learning and Research Opportunities

NKY Health offers a variety of learning opportunities for students, and also guides prospective research investigators.

Student Learning

The following types of opportunities are available for students to partner with the Health Department and its staff:

  • Internships
  • Practicum experiences
  • Capstones
  • Rotations
  • Service learning experiences
  • Observations
  • Preventive Medicine residencies
  • Public health education and training

Collaboration between academia and Health Department staff accomplishes the following:

  • Provides meaningful learning experiences to students interested in a career in public health
  • Offers learning opportunities that help public health professionals meet new and expanding challenges
  • Helps to ensure that public health workers have the training and opportunities they need to provide the highest quality services to our citizens
  • Builds relationships with academia to connect Health Department staff with expertise in various disciplines

If you are interested in a learning experience, please complete the student learning application


The Health Department is often asked to make its patient population and staff available for academic research studies. In addition, Health Department staff often initiate and participate in research, in an effort to improve services and programs.

If you are interested in partnering with the Health Department on a research project, or have any questions, please email

For more information on student learning and research opportunities with the Health Department, please call 859-363-2084.