District Board of Health

District Board of Health

The 21-member Northern Kentucky District Board sets policy for the entire health district, including approval of program plans, pay raises and Health Department-wide budgets. Its members are appointed by the four-county Judge Executives.

The District Board of Health typically meets four times per year. Meeting schedule, agendas and minutes

Fiscal Year 2024–2025 Members

(as of 7/12/2024)



Scott Kimmich, Chair
Judith Harrer, RPh, PhD, Vice Chair
Jennifer L. Mooney, PhD, MS, District Director of Health, Secretary

Boone County Representatives and Designees

Michael Jones, MD
Charles Kenner, DMD
Chris Miller (Designee for Mayor of Florence)
Laura Pleiman (Designee for Judge Executive Gary Moore)
Anthony Wolfe, DVM

Campbell County Representatives and Designees

Tom Guidugli, Jr., Mayor of Newport
Judith Harrer, RPh, PhD
Lauren McIntosh (Designee for Mayor of Fort Thomas)
Steve Pendery, Judge Executive
Mark Schroer, MD

Grant County Representatives and Designees

Jodi Ederer, RN
Jonathan Rich, DMD
Colton Simpson (Designee for Judge Executive Chuck Dills)

Kenton County Representatives and Designees

Tom Cahill, Jr. (Designee for Mayor of Erlanger)
Daniel Fagel, MD
Carol Franzen (Designee for Mayor of Independence)
Judi Godsey, PhD, MSN, RN (Designee for Mayor of Covington)
Larry Kendall, MD
Scott Kimmich (Designee for Judge Executive Kris Knochelmann)
Lynn Shewmaker, OD

District Board of Health Committees

The Northern Kentucky District Board of Health has established the following committees to provide guidance to the Board about specific programs and policies. Membership on the divisional committees is by appointment of the Board Chair, which is currently in process.

Committee meeting schedule

Executive Committee

Richard Gaston, MD, Chair
Scott Kimmich (Designee for KC Judge Executive), Vice Chair
Jonathan Rich, DMD, Immediate Past Chair

Boone County Members
Charles Kenner, DMD (LBOH Chair)
Laura Pleiman (Designee for BC Judge Executive)

Campbell County Members
Judith Harrer, RPh, PhD
Mark Schroer, MD

Grant County Members
J. Colton Simpson (Designee for GC Judge Executive)
Jodi Ederer, RN

Kenton County Members
Carol Franzen (Designee for Mayor of Independence)
Sharon Noll, MPT

*Note: Members of the Executive Committee also serve on the Nominating Committee

Clinical Services Committee

Michael Jones, MD, Chair
Christopher Cunha, MD
Richard Gaston, MD
Philip Hartman, MD
James Horn, MD
Jason Murray, MD
John Chadwick Peterson, MD
Mark Schroer, MD

Environmental Health and Safety Committee

Chris Miller (Designee for Mayor of Florence), Chair
Timothy Franxman, MD
Marie Schenkel
Anthony Wolfe, DVM

Personnel Board

Sarah Mortensen Patton, Chair
Janet Patterson, Vice Chair
Vicki Crawford
Sandy Delaney, RN
Maureen Hebert, RN
Charlotte Parker Laird
Joe Shriver
Tom Cahill, Jr. (ad hoc)
Judith Harrer, RPh, PhD (ad hoc)

Secretary/Personnel Administrator (without vote)
Jennifer L. Mooney, PhD, MS (District Director of Health)

Population Health Committee

Laura Pleiman (Designee for BC Judge Executive), Chair
Marie Schenkel
Jack Lenihan, DMD
Chris Miller (Designee for Mayor of Florence)
Lynn Shewmaker, OD
Shelly Voet, MD