What To Do If…

What To Do If…

The Northern Kentucky Health Department provides services in Boone, Campbell, Grant and Kenton Counties in Kentucky. List of other health departments in Kentucky.

Below are some common questions about public health in Northern Kentucky:

I want to notify the Health Department about conditions at a local restaurant or other food service establishment.

Please call the Health Department at 859-341-4151 or file a public health complaint

I need to make an appointment for a health exam, service or WIC.

Please contact the county health center most convenient to you to schedule an appointment.

I need to receive services at a health center. How much will it cost?

While many services provided at the county health centers are available at a low cost to clients, most services are not free. It can be hard to know ahead of time what health services an individual may need, and so predicting the cost in advance can be difficult. The Health Department provides many programs on a sliding-fee scale, based on the patient’s income and household size. Kentucky Medicaid is accepted, as are credit/debit cards. Payment plans can be setup if needed. No one is turned away for inability to pay.

I am conducting a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment.

When commercial property is purchase, a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment is often required. Find out what items the Health Department can report on and how to submit these requests

I have wastewater backing up into my home from public sewers. How can I help prevent this?

Contact Sanitation District No. 1 (SD1) to report a Sewer Emergency and get information about their basement Backup Assistance Program at http://www.sd1.org/seweremergency.

I want to report bed bugs or other health issues in a local hotel.

Please call the Health Department at 859-341-4151.

I want to operate a food business out of my home.

Effective July 14, 2018, Kentucky House Bill 263 allows Kentucky residents to produce or process whole fruits and vegetables, mixed-greens, jams, jellies, sweet sorghum syrup, preserves, fruit butter, bread, fruit pies, cakes, and cookies in their home kitchen without being permitted or registered.  Home-based processed food items may be sold directly to consumers within the state of Kentucky, including from the home-based processor’s home by pick-up or delivery, farmers’ markets, roadside stands, community events, or on-line.

The home-based processing program is administered by the Kentucky Department for Public Health, Food Safety Branch located in Frankfort.  If you have any questions or concerns related to home-based processing, please contact the Food Safety Branch at 502-564-7181.  Learn more.

I am concerned about health conditions in an apartment or rental property.

The Health Department does not typically have authority over conditions in a private residence. If you have concerns about things like mold or bed bugs that are not being addressed by the landlord/building manager, you may want to contact the code enforcement office in the city or county in which the unit is located. The Housing Authority of Greater Cincinnati (513-751-2567) may also be able to assist with landlord/tenant issues in Northern Kentucky.

I need to transfer my childs immunization record to a KY forms.

The Health Department’s county health centers can provide Kentucky immunization certificates. Please contact the center most convenient to you for additional info.

I need a travel immunization.

The Health Department does not provide most vaccines required for international travel. Please contact St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s business health office at 859-301-2999 or check with retail health clinics inside local grocery stores and pharmacies.

I applied for a job with the Health Department. When will I hear back?

All positions with the Health Department are posted on the Job Opportunities page. Please note that you must submit your resume or application through Career Builder each time you see a posting for a position that interests you.

If you have submitted your resume or application for a position, CareerBuilder should notify you that your application has been accepted. Health Department staff will contact you within 90 days to set up an interview if we determine that you are one of the best qualified for the position. If you do not hear from the Health Department within 90 days, then you may wish to apply another time.

I need to have a TB skin test.

TB skin tests are available by appointment at the county health centers. Please call the center most convenient for you to schedule an appointment.

Please note that the Health Department’s fees for TB testing may be higher than other providers. If you are required to have the test for job or volunteer position, please check that the agency that you will volunteering or working with doesn’t offer TB skin tests for free or at a reduced rate. Testing can also be done through St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s business health office at 859-301-2999 or at retail health clinics inside local grocery stores and pharmacies.

I need to have a test performed on my cistern.
I would like to get a free radon test kit.

Please submit this online formLearn more about radon

I need to obtain a birth certificate.

The Health Department does not issue birth certificates locally. They must be obtained through the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics.

I want to report smoking in a local business.

Both Kenton County and Williamstown, Ky. have ordinances in place prohibiting smoking in indoor public spaces.  Learn more about these ordinances and how to file a complaint.

I would like to get certified in CPR or first aid.

Local providers of first aid and CPR training include:

I need to obtain a food permit for a booth at a fair or festival.
I need to register for the food managers class or cancel/change my existing registration.

More information about the class. To cancel or change an existing registration, please call 859-341-4151.

I would like the Health Department to attend my health fair or other event.

Please fill out the Community Health Fair/Career Fair Request form. Please note that requests must be received at least four weeks prior to the event.

I need to reach a particular Health Department employee—and I know his/her name.

To email Health Department staff, please use the following email format: firstname.lastname@nkyhealth.org. For a phone directory by name, please call 859-341-4264 and select option #8.