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Smoke-free Policies

The Health Department supports efforts to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke via smoke-free policies at businesses, schools and other organizations.

Tobacco Use in Northern Kentucky


On October 12, 2020, Interact for Health released Tobacco Use in Northern Kentucky, a report based on results of the Greater Cincinnati Adult Tobacco Survey. Launched in 2018, the survey is the most comprehensive source of local data for understanding adult tobacco use behaviors, attitudes and public opinion in the region. This report provides data that the Northern Kentucky community can use to work together to reduce tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke.

View the full report HERE.



Kenton County Law

In Northern Kentucky, most Kenton County businesses and workplaces are smoke-free under an ordinance passed by the county’s fiscal court. It prohibits smoking in public buildings, establishments in public buildings and places of employment.

The law does allow for some private clubs and drinking establishments to file for an exemption, provided that they meet certain criteria.  Drinking establishments and private clubs must file a claim of exemption in order to be exempt from the Kenton County Smoking Ordinance.   If you operate a business in Kenton County and would like to apply for an exemption, please email or call 859-341-4151.

If you feel a business is in violation of the law, you can file a complaint.

Smoke-free restaurants

Unless they meet the requirements for exemption, Kenton County venues are smoke-free per the county ordinance.

Many establishments in Boone, Campbell and Grant Counties are also smoke-free.

If you have questions about smoke-free restaurants, contact

Williamstown, Ky., Law (Grant County)

On Sept. 18, 2018, the Williamstown City Council passed ordinance number 2018-08 into law, prohibiting smoking in any public building, establishments in public buildings and places of employment.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2019 smoking is completely prohibited indoors in any Williamstown building or place of employment where the public is invited or permitted. In addition, smoking is further prohibited within a reasonable distance (25 feet) of all entrances, windows that operate and ventilation systems.

The only exceptions are for private clubs. Private clubs are not exempt when being used for a function to which the general public is invited. The new law does not apply to private homes unless used as a licensed childcare, adult day care or health care facility.


  • All businesses covered by the ordinance are required to post “No Smoking” signs. Signs meeting the requirement of the ordinance must say “No Smoking” in letters one-inch high or show the international no smoking symbol, which is three inches high. Call 859-341-4264 to request signage.
  • All businesses covered by the law need to remove all ashtrays from any area where smoking is prohibited. Any permanent structure that functioned as an ashtray needs to be disabled or altered to prevent its use as an ashtray.
  • The Health Department will enforce the law and investigate complaints as they are received. Although most smoke-free laws are self-enforcing, occasionally compliance with the law becomes an issue and may result in a citation.
  • Any establishment, employer or employee in violation of this subchapter and persons who smoke can be cited for violating the law.

Filing a complaint

If you feel a business is in violation of the law, you can file a complaint with the Health Department or call 859-341-4151.

100% Tobacco-Free Schools

In 2019, the Kentucky Legislature passed KRS 438.305 which prohibits the use of any tobacco product, alternative nicotine product, or vapor product on Kentucky school property.  The law provides three years for school boards to opt-out or adopt the 100% tobacco-free policy.  The policy should include all persons and all times on or in all property and at away events.  It also includes any vehicle, that is owned, operated, leased, or contracted for use by the Board and while attending or participating in any school-related trip or student activity.

Support for Smoke-Free Policy

The Health Department provides support to Northern Kentucky organizations such as schools, municipalities, and businesses that wish to implement tobacco-free policies. For more information, email or call 859-341-4264.

Smoking Cessation

Information on local programs to help you quit smoking.

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