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Infectious Diseases & Outbreaks

…please visit Dr. Saddler and Dr. Tolbert Discuss Vaccines   Frequently Asked Questions COVID-19 Vaccine- Frequently Asked Questions Kentucky Vaccination Plan- Frequently Asked Questions Ky Dept. for Public Health…

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complaints about sanitation in a restaurant or food contamination. Complaints can be submitted online or by calling 859-341-4151. Please note that it may be a few days before your complaint…

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…O 2. If yes (to question 1), does the policy include both staff wellness and staff safety components? O O O O 3. Does the worksite have a comprehensive* worksite…

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Health Data, Plans & Reports

…for interventions, policy formation, implementation and evaluation found in the Community Health Improvement Plan. Community Health Assessment for Northern Kentucky, published in May 2016. Community Health Improvement Plan The Community…

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LiveWell NKY

…is doing in your neighborhood, please follow us on Facebook. LiveWell NKY – LiveWell Florence – LiveWell Fort Mitchell – LiveWell Ludlow – LiveWell Newport –…

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Board of Health Meetings

…Northern Kentucky District Board of Health, county Local Boards of Health, Personnel Board and any committees of these bodies. Per Kentucky’s Open Meetings Act (KRS.61.805-61.850), the community is welcome to…

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…home CONNECTION “Kids have so much competing for their attention: television, computers, sports, and a bazillion “planned” activities from library hours to birthday parties. So gardening has to stand on…

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Food Service Operators

…emergencies that can affect food safety. View the guidelines here: Emergency Guidelines for Food Service Establishments. Below are some common questions related to food service operations. I already have a…

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Privacy Policy

…you before we take any action. File a complaint if you feel your rights are violated You can complain if you feel we have violated your rights by contacting us…

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