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The Northern Kentucky District Board of Health sets policy for the Health Department. Day-to-day oversight and leadership falls to the District Director of Health (see below), with input from a senior leadership team.

District Director of Health: Jennifer L. Mooney, PhD, MS

In 2011, after ten years in behavioral science research and completing her PhD in Sociology, Dr. Mooney transitioned from the University of Kentucky to a public health career path in Cincinnati, Ohio.  At the Cincinnati Health Department, Dr. Mooney oversaw a division of projects and programs that promote community resiliency, self-sufficiency, and health equity.  She led an in-depth analysis of factors contributing to infant mortality, spearheaded the implementation of the Reproductive Health and Wellness Program for Hamilton County, and led the department’s efforts in response to the addiction crisis.

Dr. Mooney then served as the Assistant Health Commissioner for Hamilton County Public Health from 2019 through 2022.  Overseeing the Department of Community Health Services, she led the divisions of harm reduction, disease prevention, epidemiology, and population health.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, she played a critical role as the Clinical Operations Chief in the agency’s incident command structure. 

In Fall of 2022, Dr. Mooney proudly accepted a position to serve as the District Director of Health at the Northern Kentucky Health Department. As a Kentucky native, she is dedicated to leading an agency that promotes optimal health among those living in Boone, Campbell, Grant, and Kenton counties.


The directors of the Health Department’s four divisions, work with the District Director of Health (above) to set policies and oversee Health Department operations.

Division Directors

Deputy Director: Elise Sebastian, MSW

As Deputy Director in the Administration Division, Sebastian is in charge of all accounting, payroll, information systems, and building infrastructure for the Health Department. Elise oversees all financial statements and budgeting as well.

Clinical Services: Pamela Millay, RN, JD

Millay is the Director of Clinical Services at the Health Department, responsible for overseeing a staff of more than 90 employees in the Clinical Services division, which provide preventive care for children and adults in four county health centers in Boone, Campbell, Grant, and Kenton Counties; as well as community-based nutrition services, home visiting services, and WIC hospital certification program.

Environmental Health and Safety: Steve Divine, REHS

As the Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Divine is responsible for the oversight of programs that proactively reduce health risks associated with exposure to public conditions that can cause illness. Services include education, inspection and enforcement activities related to public health regulations, such as inspections of food service establishments, public pools, septic systems, hotels, schools, and other public facilities. Additionally, Environmental Health and Safety staff investigate complaints on regulated establishments, public health nuisances, animal bites and other conditions. Divine also oversees the Health Department’s disaster preparedness efforts.

Population Health: Stephanie Vogel, M.Ed., MCHES

Vogel oversees the Health Department’s Population Health division, which takes a broad look at health issues and outcomes impacting the entire community or large segments of the community. The division includes community health promotion programs such as tobacco control and physical activity, HIV prevention, HIV case management services; as well as oral health and epidemiology.