Family Planning

The Health Department provides family planning, including counseling, education, pregnancy testing and birth control, at its county health centers.

Benefits of family planning

  • Having children when you want them
  • Being able to prepare financially for your children
  • Being healthier before and during pregnancy
  • Not worrying about an unwanted pregnancy
  • Making your own decisions about birth control


The Health Department provides a variety of family planning methods for both men and women, including birth control pills, contraceptive shots, contraceptive implants and condoms.

Not sure which method might be best? has an interactive tool to help. 


The Health Department provides quality family planning services at an affordable price. Services are charged on a sliding-fee scale based on your income. That means that the amount you pay is based on your income and family size. If you have private health insurance, you are charged on a sliding fee scale based on your income. Kentucky Medicaid plans are accepted. No one will be denied service because of inability to pay.

More information

For more information on family planning services, contact the county health center most convenient for you.

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