Tuberculosis, or TB, is an illness caused by bacteria. It usually infects the lungs. If not treated properly, TB can be fatal.

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TB skin tests are available by appointment at the county health centers. Please call the center most convenient for you to schedule an appointment.

Please note that the Health Department’s fees for TB testing may be higher than other providers. If you are required to have the test for job or volunteer position, please check that the agency that you will be volunteering or working with doesn’t offer TB skin tests for free or at a reduced rate.

Testing can also be done through St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s business health office at 859-301-2999 or at retail health clinics inside local grocery stores and pharmacies.

Reporting a case

TB is a reportable disease in Kentucky. To report a case, please call 859-363-2070.

Services for those with TB

Health Department staff provide the following services to individuals with TB who live in or are visiting Northern Kentucky:

  • Case management
  • Case investigation
  • Treatment
  • Medication assistance

For more information, please call 859-363-2070.