OFF Program: What to Expect

This information is to help outline expectations to help you be successful in this program.

How much does it cost?

The cost is only a one-time $25 fee to cover the cost of materials which includes a book and journal for the program.

How long is the program?

OFF is a 12-week interactive program with class discussions and activities. Each session lasts about an hour and a half. The classes are generally 11 consecutive weeks. After the last session, participants will have one week remaining in their journal for week 12 of the program.

Do I need to attend all the sessions?

It is best to attend all sessions and be on time. Participants may miss one or two classes and still do well in the program, but, generally, not if they miss more than that. The instructor does appreciate being informed prior to the session (via e-mail or telephone) if you cannot attend for any reason.

Why is it important to attend the classes?

Attending the class sessions is important to learn the strategies and how to practice them. It is the main part of the program. It is also important for weekly accountability and to share what you have learned from incorporating the strategies throughout this program because it may help someone else and you may also learn from others in the group.

Are there certain foods I cannot eat or have to eat for this program?

NO. OFF is not a diet plan. We will discuss healthier food choices, but the program focuses on lifestyle changes eating the foods you enjoy eating.

Will I have homework?

Yes! It’s best to complete the journaling DAILY (or most days) for each week of the program to be the most successful in this program and accomplish your long-term weight management goals. There are also chapters in the book that you should read along with attending the sessions.

Do I have to exercise?

It is preferred if you want to be successful. It is a component of the program. There is a weekly exercise goal, starting small with what you can handle and working up to a longer duration.

Does this program involve getting on the scale?

Yes, but only twice, once at the very beginning and once at the end of the program (not every week), and we will also do some basic body measurements as well. The scale and measurements will be in a private room with just you and the instructor. You will not be in front of others and your measurements will be kept private. We do always ask the participants in the evaluation at the end of the program how they feel about the weighing and everyone always states that they still feel it is important to know their starting and end point, as well as for accountability, even if they don’t like it. Furthermore, the program does not focus on weight or pounds, but instead focuses on losing inches and changing eating habits and lifestyle behaviors.

More information

For more information about the OFF program and support groups, please contact Monica Smith or 859-363-2114.