Prescription Drug Disposal

Keep your medicines secure so that a child, a teenager, or even a stranger, does not get into them. You may help prevent an accidental injury, and help stop possible unhealthy use of prescription drugs.

What you can do

Take an inventory of your medicines. Check for any that have expired or that you no longer use.

Dispose of medication properly. Take advantage of medication disposal programs. Two types are available in Northern Kentucky:

  • Medication dropboxes: You take un-needed or expired medications to a police station or other public building and place them in a specialized container. Learn more.
  • Drug disposal pouches: You can get a specialized pouch that de-activates medication, and then use the pouch to dispose of un-needed or expired medications at home.
  • Flush medications down the toilet only if the label or patient information specifically instructs doing so.

Lock up your medicines. Use a cabinet or a drawer with a lock on it, or a product designed for secure medication storage. Be especially careful to lock up any controlled substances that have been prescribed for you, such as pain medications. You play a big role in keeping medicines out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.

Disposal of needles and syringes

The medication dropboxes and drug disposal pouches cannot be used for needles and syringes; however, if you need to dispose of needles or other medical waste at your home, this fact sheet from the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection has tips on how to protect yourself and those who pick up your trash.