Kenton County: Exemption List

As of Oct. 3, 2017, the following Kenton County businesses have filed for and received exemptions from the Kenton County Smoke-free workplaces ordinance.

Drinking establishments with full exemptions
Drinking establishments with exemptions based on separate entrances and ventilation systems in smoking areas
Drinking establishments with “split-shift” exemptions
Private clubs with full exemptions

Drinking establishments with full exemptions

30 Somethin’ Nite Club, 732 Greenup St., Covington
701, 701 Bakewell St., Covington
American Legion Post 20 (Simon Kenton), 119 Garvey Ave., Elsmere
American Legion Post 203, 3801 Winston Ave., Latonia
The Avenue Lounge, 411 Madison Pike, Covington
Average Joe’s Bar and Grill, 405 Buttermilk Pike, Fort Mitchell
Bar Monet, 837 Willard St., Covington
Bleachers, 2415 Richie Ave., Crescent Springs
Blue Bar, 266 Pike St., Covington
Concepts Lounge, 729 Scott St., Covington
County Line Liquor, 15965 Dixie Highway, Crittenden
Crosstown Pub, 1132 Lee St., Covington
Down Under, 126 Park Place, Covington
Dubb’s Irish Pub, 641 Main St., Covington
Earl’s Sports Bar, 1301 Homan Ave., Covington
Edgewood Tavern, 112 Barnwood Drive, Edgewood
Finke’s Pub, 1458 Dixie Highway, Park Hills
Floyd’s 7-11 Club, 18 E. Fifth St., Covington
Ft. Mitchell Sports Bar, 2517 Chelsea Drive, Fort Mitchell
Full Moon Saloon, 614 Washington St., Covington
Funny Farm, 3428 DeCoursey Ave., Latonia
Gausepohl Cafe, 335 W. 19th St., Covington
Goodtimers II, 3614 DeCoursey Ave., Latonia
Happy Days Tavern, 801 Bakewell St., Covington
Herb-n-Thelma’s Tavern, 718 Pike St., Covington
Irene’s Little Bar, 2515 Anderson Road, Crescent Springs
Ivey’s Tavern, 3711 Winston Ave., Covington
JB’s Roadhouse, 133 Garvey Ave., Elsmere
J&J’s Bar, 50 W. 28th St., Latonia
Jeannie’s Tavern, 401 W. Southern Ave., Covington
KJ’s, 2379 Buttermilk Crossing, Crescent Springs
Legends, 3530 Decoursey Pike, Covington
Liberty’s Show Lounge, 417 Scott St., Covington
Main Strasse Village Pub, 619 Main St., Covington
Mr. T’s Tavern on Main, 933 Main St., Covington
Mulligan’s Pub, 701 Main St., Covington
Olde Town Tavern, 35 W. Pike St., Covington
One More Time, 14555 Dixie Highway, Crittenden
Parrett’s Corner, 1358 Scott St., Covington
Peecox Bar and Grill I, 635 Donaldson Road, Erlanger
Peecox Bar and Grill II, 12200 Madison Pike, Independence
Ralph Fulton VFW 6423, 4435 Dixie Highway, Elsmere
Ron and Dee’s Hot Spots Bar, 820 Madison Pike, Covington
Second Time Around, 114 E. 10th St., Covington
Sidebar, 322 Greenup St., Covington
Some Place Else Tavern, 3214 Madison Pike, Covington
Spinning Wheel Tavern, 13652 Madison Pike, Morningview
Strasse Haus, 630 Main St., Covington
Sue’s Place, 254 Pike St., Covington
The Dixie Club Café, 3424 Dixie Highway, Erlanger
The Salty Dog, 3702 Hunnington Ave., Covington
The Venus Lounge, 12 E. 5th Main St., Covington
Up and Over, 624 Main St., Covington
Villa Fiesta Tavern, 5966 Taylor Mill Road, Covington
Wild Willie’s, 312 E. 45th St., Covington
Zola Pub & Grill, 626 Main St., Covington

Drinking establishments with exemptions based on separate entrances and ventilation systems in smoking areas

Summit Hills Country Club (Second Floor Grill Room), 236 Dudley Road, Edgewood
Lisse Steakhuis, 530 Main St., Covington
Sahara Market and Restaurant, 4210 Dixie Hwy, Erlanger

Drinking establishments with “split-shift” exemptions

Anchor Grill, 438 Pike St., Covington
Zazou Grill and Pub, 502 West 6th St., Covington

Private clubs with full exemptions

Kelly-Furnish Post 7099, VFW, 1310 Highland Ave., Covington
Kenton Game & Fish Association, 10501 Locust Pike, Covington
Marshall-Schildmeyer VFW Post 6095, 343 E. 47th St., Latonia
VFW Post 1484, 945 Montegue Road, Covington
White Villa Country Club, 13551 Maple Drive, Morningview