Smoke-free Policies

The Health Department supports efforts to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke via smoke-free policies at businesses, schools and other organizations.


Kenton County law

In Northern Kentucky, most Kenton County businesses and workplaces are smoke free under an ordinance passed by the county’s fiscal court. It prohibits smoking in public buildings, establishments in public buildings and places of employment.

The law does allow for some private clubs and drinking establishments to file for an exemption, provided that they meet certain criteria.

If you feel a business is in violation of the law, you can file a complaint.

If you operate a business in Kenton County and would like to apply for an exemption, please contact the Health Department or 859-341-4151.

Smoke-free restaurants

Unless they meet the requirements for exemption, Kenton County venues are smoke free per the county ordinance.

Many establishments in Boone, Campbell and Grant Counties are also smoke free.

If you have questions about smoke-free restaurants, contact the Health Department.


The Health Department provides support to Northern Kentucky schools that wish to implement tobacco-free policies. For more information, contact Elizabeth Bishop or 859-363-2082.


The Health Department, through its involvement with LiveWell NKY, is working to implement tobacco-free parks policies in Northern Kentucky. For more information, contact Elizabeth Bishop or 859-363-2082.

Smoking cessation

Information on local programs to help you quit smoking,