West Nile Virus

West Nile can be a serious threat to human and animal health. The most serious effect of West Nile is fatal encephalitis, which is an inflammation of the brain, in humans and horses. West Nile also kills certain species of domestic and wild birds.

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The best way to prevent infection with the West Nile Virus is to prevent mosquito bites.

West Nile response

Testing Mosquitoes
Testing over the last several years has confirmed the presence of the virus in our region each year, thus it is safe to assume that local mosquitoes could carry the virus.

Individuals who may have contracted West Nile virus can be tested through local health care providers.

Case reporting
Human cases of West Nile virus are required to be investigated by the Health Department. West Nile virus is a reportable disease in Kentucky.

Mosquito control

In some instances, the Health Department may be able to implement measures to control the mosquito population in certain areas. If you have a concern about mosquitoes infestations in Boone, Campbell, Grant or Kenton Counties, please file a public health complaint.

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