Home-based Food Businesses

The Health Department often hears from Northern Kentuckians who are interested in operating a food business out of their homes.


Effective July 14, 2018, Kentucky House Bill 263 allows Kentucky residents to produce or process whole fruits and vegetables, mixed-greens, jams, jellies, sweet sorghum syrup, preserves, fruit butter, bread, fruit pies, cakes and cookies.  Home-based processed food items may be sold directly to consumers within the state of Kentucky, including from the home-based processor’s home by pick-up or delivery, farmers’ markets, roadside stands, community events or on-line.

More information

The home-based processing program is administered by the Kentucky Department for Public Health, Food Safety Branch located in Frankfort.  If you have any questions or concerns related to home-based processing, please contact the Food Safety Branch at 502-564-7181.

Kentucky Food Safety Branch