HIV Investigation

News releases

Feb. 22, 2018: As HIV Cluster Investigation Moves into Second Month, Health Officials Increase Opportunities for HIV Testing

Jan. 9, 2018: Health Officials See Increase in HIV Infections Among Individuals Who Inject Drugs in Northern Kentucky

Current data

Updated October 3, 2018

  • Total number of diagnosed cases of HIV: 80
  • Number of cases in which injection drug use was reported as a risk factor for exposure: 44
  • Number of HIV tests conducted by NKY Health in 2018 to date: 1,089
  • Number of HIV tests conducted by NKY Health in 2017: 1,369
  • Number of people linked to HIV Case Management services that were diagnosed with HIV after January 2017 and indicated that injection drug use was a risk factor for their HIV infection: 18

Information about hepatitis C in Northern Kentucky

Action steps

  • Communicable disease investigation underway–including in-depth interviews with those infected and genetic testing of blood samples to determine if those infected in Northern Kentucky have the same strain.
  • Working with those who are infected with HIV to ensure that they have access to appropriate care, both for infectious diseases and addictions treatment.
  • Expanded opportunities for testing for HIV and hepatitis C, with targeted outreach to test individuals who inject drugs.
  • Continuing to advocate for syringe access exchange programs to reduce the threat of diseases spread by injection drugs.