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Updated April 2, 2020


For the latest numbers on COVID-19 testing and cases in Kentucky, please visit https://govstatus.egov.com/kycovid19. Information is updated daily.


Flyers and Checklists

How to Prepare

Now is the time to prepare in the event the virus begins widely spreading in the U.S. Use this fact sheet to help you plan.

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COVID-19 in the Workplace

Good policies that promote a culture of health can prevent the spread of different types of illnesses in the workplace, including COVID-19, translating into a healthy and productive workforce.






COVID-19 and Recommendations for High Risk Populations

Certain populations have been identified as being at higher risk for getting very sick from COVID-19.





When to Seek Care

To ensure the sickest people receive care, help minimize the spread of infection and maintain resources, please follow these guidelines when considering whether to seek medical care.






What to do if you are sick with COVID-19

If you are sick with COVID-19 or suspect you may be sick with COVID-19, follow the steps on this flyer to help prevent the spread of disease to people in your home and community.

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COVID-19 Fact Sheet

Information on COVID-19 including what it is, how it is spread, the risk of infection, symptoms and how to prevent it.
















COVID-19 and Homeless Service Settings

Information on COVID-19 relating to homeless service settings.










Social Distancing Tips








What you need to know about handwashing

This video answers important questions about handwashing and hand sanitizer. View video here.







COVID-19 Executive Order – Restaurants and Bars

In order to contain and limit the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Gov. Beshear issued an executive order restricting food and beverage sales to carry-out, delivery and drive-thru only. The full order outlining the specific steps restaurants and bars should take regarding closure can be viewed here.







Wash Your Hands – 24 Languages

Download here.








Patient Home Isolation Directions for COVID-19

Directions for what you must do if you’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19 but do not require hospitalization.

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Posters for Essential Businesses

Public-facing businesses that remain open are required to post these signs at all entrances.









How to Clean and Disinfect to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

Frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected often.












HIV and Coronavirus: What to Know

If you are living with HIV here is what you should know about COVID-19.













Hygiene – Burmese

View the PDF document here.














COVID-19 – Burmese

View the PDF document here.















Know the Difference: Self-Monitoring, Self-Isolation and Isolation for COVID-19

View the PDF document here.
















How to make a mask

View the PDF document here.













COVID-19 Guidance for Public Workers and Trade Workers

Public workers and contractors working in the trade industries need to take steps to protect their health for themselves, but also so they can continue performing essential services in the community. View the PDF document here.








What Is Social Distancing?

View the PDF document here.















Food Service Establishment Protocols for COVID-19 Case

This document provides guidance for foodservice establishments with food employees that are positive for COVID-19, or presumed positive because the employee is showing symptoms of COVID-19. Some symptoms of COVID-19 include coughing, fever (100.4°F and above) and shortness of breath. View the PDF document here.







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