Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Northern Kentucky COVID-19 Immunization Data:

DISCLAIMER: Data Source: Data source for the chart above is obtained from the Kentucky Immunization Registry (KYIR) and Tiberius. Vaccine information reported in the chart above may not match data released by the State or NKY Health for several reasons including timing of data retrieval and data sources used.


Dashboard is updated from the state database (CTT) at approximately 8:00 a.m. daily, Monday through Friday. Monday’s numbers also include data reported over the weekend.

NKY Health case data is reported from the state database (CTT) on a daily basis. Data initially reported may be subsequently updated based on results from NKY Health case investigations or Kentucky Department for Public Health review. Therefore, overall case data may change based on new cases and data reconciliation (e.g. duplicates removed). Daily case information reported by the State and NKY Health may not match for several reasons including timing of data retrieval.


St. Elizabeth COVID Hospitalizations

PLEASE NOTE: This graphic is created and maintained by St. Elizabeth Healthcare. If you have questions about the data or the visualization of the data, please contact St. Elizabeth directly. NKY Health does not have access to St. Elizabeth’s patient data and we are not able to speak on their behalf or make edits to this graphic.

You may need to clean out your cached files and images from your browser in order to see the most current graphic. It can also be viewed from St. Elizabeth’s COVID-19 website, under the icon “COVID-19 Hospitalization Overview.”