Infectious Disease Manual

Prevention, Control and Management of Infectious Diseases in Child Care Setting

This manual is a resource for Northern Kentucky child care provides on issues related to communicable diseases.
While much of information is targeted towards the child care provider, the manual can be useful to the general public.

The manual was first created in 2005, and was last updated in April 2015.

Preventing Disease Spread

  • Contributing Factors
  • Universal Precautions
  • Hand Washing
  • Animals/Wading Pools

Sanitation Guidelines

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing/Disinfecting
  • Diapering

Exclusion Guidelines

Disease Reporting and Outbreak Management

Disease Fact Sheets

Other Resources

Information on health, safety and nutrition concerns in child care settings



More information

For more information about infectious diseases:
In child care settings: Contact the Health Department’s Child Care Health Consultant Susan Guthier or 859-363-2090.

In other settings: Contact the Health Department’s Epidemiology staff at 859-363-2070.