The Health Department directly provides immunizations to eligible clients through its county health centers, and also works throughout the community to promote the importance of vaccines.

Get immunized

View of the latest immunization schedule for children, preteen/teens and adults from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Immunizations are available by appointment at the Health Department’s county health centers, with many available at low or no cost, depending on the patient’s age and insurance coverage.

Immunization records

If you received a vaccination at any of the county health centers, the Health Department should have a copy of the immunization record available. If you are searching for an immunization record and believe you received the vaccination through the Health Department, contact the county health center, where you received the vaccine.

If you received a vaccination outside of the Health Department, here are some tips for tracking down immunization records.

If you are trying to transfer immunization records onto a Kentucky immunization certificate for school or child care, you can do so by bringing the immunization record to any county health center, and requesting the certificate. This usually takes 24 to 48 hours.

Kentucky’s Immunization Certificate form, and the form to request a religious or medical exemption from immunization requirements, can be found on the Kentucky Department for Public Health’s website.