Child Fatality

Child fatality review

Kentucky’s child fatality review program investigates child deaths and uses the information to prevent future incidents. In Northern Kentucky, child fatality review teams are established in Boone, Campbell, Grant and Kenton Counties. Members include: health department, county coroner, police, social workers, school staff and physicians. The teams are organized and led by the Health Department. For more information, call 859-363-2060.

Grief support

The Health Department’s child fatality nurse is also a certified grief counselor and is available to support Northern Kentucky families who are mourning the loss of a child. For more information, call 859-363-2060.

Infant mortality

Infant mortality is the death of a baby before his or her first birthday. Child fatality review teams in Northern Kentucky investigate infant deaths as well, and advocate for changes to prevent such deaths, including advocating for safe sleep. Working with Safe Sleep Kentucky, Health Department staff promote the ABCDs of Safe Sleep: Alone, Back, Crib, Danger.