Public Records

Because it is a governmental agency, many of the Health Department materials are available to the public under Kentucky’s open records law.

This includes items such as: books, papers, maps, photographs, recordings, cards, tapes, software, electronic data or other documentation that are either prepared, owned, used, in possession of or retained by public agency or are related to functions/activities of public agency.

To request public records, please fill out an Open Records Request Form.

Note: If you are requesting a public record for an onsite septic system, you will need to complete both an Open Records Request Form and an Onsite Sewage Request for Public Records Attachment Form. For all other requests, please complete and submit an Open Records Request Form only.

Email completed form(s) to George A. Moore ( Completed forms can also be delivered to:

NKY Health
ATTN: George Moore
8001 Veterans Memorial Drive
Florence, KY  41042