Health Reports

One of the Health Department’s roles as a partner in improving the health of Northern Kentucky is helping to gather and analyze data that impacts health. The following reports are available:

The Toll of Northern Kentucky’s Tobacco Use

Northern Kentucky has some of the highest smoking rates and death rates due to tobacco use in the nation. This story map demonstrates the enormous toll tobacco has on the health and wellness of Northern Kentuckians. Learn more.

Health in Northern Kentucky

This report provides information on health factors in Northern Kentucky. Specific topics include: population and demographics, mortality, birth and infant mortality, infectious and communicable diseases, unhealthy behaviors and risk factors, mental illness and substance use disorders, environmental health, and access to care. Learn more.

Top Causes of Death in Northern Kentucky

What are top causes of death for residents of Northern Kentucky? What causes of death are claiming younger lives? And where? This report is a look into the relationship between cause-specific mortality rates and years of potential life lost (YPLL) in Northern Kentucky. Learn more.

Health Equity

Much of what impacts a person’s health starts where he/she lives, learns, works and plays. To better understand the health of the Northern Kentucky region, the Health Department examined a variety of factors that can impact health, including income and education.  Data analysis was also done around the three priority health outcomes (obesity, substance use disorders and heart disease). Learn more.

Substance Use Disorders Data Story Map

Designed to help the community better understand the heroin epidemic, this online tool provides data on a variety of issues, including overdoses, blood-borne diseases and police/fire/EMS response, and provides a link to resources and organizations addressing the issue in an eight-county region of Northern Kentucky. Learn more.