Hotel Operators

Hotels and motels in Northern Kentucky are required to have a permit and are inspected by the Health Department at least once per year.

Learn more about the hotel inspection process and view the latest inspection scores.

Opening a hotel/motel in Northern Kentucky

Hotels and motels in Northern Kentucky must have a permit and pay the applicable fees.


1-25 rooms $250
26-50 rooms $275
51-100 rooms $300
101-200 rooms $325
201-300 rooms $350
301-400 rooms $375
401+ rooms $400

New construction or remodeling

When remodeling or opening a new hotel or motel, operators must provide two complete sets of plans and three additional sets of plans for plumbing.

Operators must also submit an application and permit fee, as detailed above.


More information

Copies of inspection reports are available to the public upon written request. Please call 859-341-4151 for more details.

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