Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions related to food service operations.

I already have a food establishment permit for this year. How do I renew it for next year?
Food permits are good for the calendar year. Existing food establishments should automatically get a renewal application, typically in the fall.

I’m opening my restaurant late in the year. Is the permit fee pro-rated?
Unfortunately, food permit fees are not pro-rated.

How long can my temporary food permit last?
Temporary food establishment permits may only last for 14 days. If you would like to operate a temporary food establishment for longer, you must either apply for a permanent permit or close for 30 days and then re-open with a new temporary permit. Please also note that temporary food permit applications and fees must be submitted at least three business days prior to operation.

I would like to open a food-based business in my home. What should I do?
Learn more about requirements for home-based food businesses.

An emergency has impacted my food service establishment. What should I do?
Learn more about emergency guidelines for food service establishments.