Food Inspections

The Health Department regularly inspects all Northern Kentucky food service establishments, including bars, restaurants, etc. Inspections are typically done twice per year.

Inspectors look for 58 potential items of violation, including:

  • Is food being stored properly?
  • Do workers handle food safely?
  • Do workers practice good hygiene, like washing hands?
  • Is food kept at safe temperatures?
  • Is equipment in good working order?
  • Is the establishment free of any pests, such as insects or rodents?


Establishments begin each inspection with a score of 100. Points are then deducted for violations observed by the inspector. A violation that is more likely to impact food safety is considered critical and will have a higher point value assigned.

For example, an employee who fails to wash his hands between handling raw chicken and uncooked vegetables would be a critical violation.

Follow-up inspections

If the total inspection score is below 85 points or if the inspector observes any critical violations, a follow-up inspection is required. These inspections can be done the same day or within 30 days.

If the total inspection score is below 70, a conference with the Kentucky Department for Public Health may be necessary. The establishment may also be required to close if there is an imminent health threat.

Inspection reports

Click on one of the links below for an updated list of the latest restaurant food inspection scores for a specific county within the district. You may experience a slight delay in loading the links, this is because the scores are updating in real-time. Note — within the link, you may search for a restaurant two ways by (1) typing in the name or address and clicking “Search” or (2) scrolling through the list by clicking on “next page/previous page” arrow buttons. Restaurants are listed alphabetically.

View Boone County food inspection scores

View Campbell County food inspection scores

View Grant County food inspection scores

View Kenton County food inspection scores

Please keep in mind that the inspection scores only represent the conditions present at the time of the inspection. Conditions in a restaurant as well as other types of food service establishments can change from hour-to-hour and day-to-day.

More information

Copies of establishment inspection reports are available to the public upon written request. Please call 859-341-4151 for more details.