Local Boards of Health

Each county in Northern Kentucky has a Local Board of Health, which sets public health tax rates for their respective counties and maintains a county health center, among other items. Members of the Local Boards of Health are nominated by the four county Judge Executives and are approved by the Kentucky Department for Public Health.

The Local Boards of Health must meet at least once per year, but can meet more often as necessary.

Meeting schedule, agendas and minutes


Boone County Local Board of Health

Charles Kenner, DMD, Chair
Leah Akin, OD
Millie Asseo
Christopher Cunha, MD
Timothy Franxman, MD
Vera Hall, RN
Michael Jones, MD
Jay Middendorf, DVM
Gary W. Moore, Judge Executive
Brian Rickert, RPh
Daniel Riegler, PE
Tyler Whisman, PharmD

Campbell County Local Board of Health

Lawrence V. Brennan, MD, Chair
Carla Austin, RN
James Ernst, OD
Kevin Hanson, PE
Judith Harrer, RPh
Brandon Heineke, DVM
Tom Guidugli, Mayor of Newport
Steve Pendery, Judge Executive
Daniel Sheridan, DMD

Grant County Local Board of Health

Wm. Ford Threlkeld, II, MD, Chair
Katie Clemons, RN
Sandy Delaney, RN
C.E. Dills, Judge Executive
Corey Kightlinger
Patty Poor
Phyllis Reed, APRN
William Ken Rich, DMD
Larry Spears, RPh
Ford Threlkeld, MD
John Twehues, DVM

Kenton County Local Board of Health

Lynn C. Shewmaker, OD, Chair
Gregory Bach, DVM
Raymond Erpenbeck, PE
Judi Godsey, PhD, MSN, RN (Designee for Covington Mayor)
Gary Hampton, RPh
Kris Knochelmann, Judge Executive
Garry Neltner, DPM
Kurt Pohlgeers
Charles Tirone, DPM
Shelly Voet, MD