July 16, 2020


FLORENCE, Ky. — The Northern Kentucky Independent District Health Department believes that the claims asserted against it lack merit and should be dismissed and that no basis for an injunction against it exists. The Northern Kentucky Independent District Health Department did not have a role in developing, authoring, or passing any of the COVID-19 orders, initiatives, or regulations at issue. This suit diverts time and resources from the Northern Kentucky Independent District Health Department’s central mission of promoting public health and serving as a community partner to educate and empower businesses, entities, and individuals to operate safely. We have opposed the requested injunction and sought dismissal of the claims so that staff for the NKIDHD can continue to focus their efforts and resources on public health education and contact tracing with the goal of saving lives during this critical time.


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The Northern Kentucky Health Department provides high-quality public health services to more than 400,000 residents of Boone, Campbell, Grant and Kenton Counties, with a goal of preventing disease, promoting wellness and protecting against health threats. The Health Department seeks to be a nationwide leader in public health and was one of the first in the country to earn national public health accreditation. For more information, visit www.nkyhealth.org.