LivingWell/StayWell 2020: How to get started earning points!

This year, KEHP introduced a new wellness partner to help you earn points in the LivingWell program. StayWell is the new wellness platform replacing Go365. You have likely been receiving e-mails and mailings with information on ways you can get involved and earn incentives through LivingWell and the StayWell platform. This program is available to all people eligible to enroll in health insurance coverage through the Kentucky Employees’ Health Plan (KEHP), but only those who have chosen to enroll in this coverage are eligible to receive the 2021 premium discount by completing the LivingWell Promise. Those who have not enrolled in this coverage, however, are eligible to receive engagement benefits.

Getting started. If you haven’t created a StayWell account, visit KEHPlivingwell.com and click on “sign-up.” Follow the instructions (tip – your Unique ID is your Social Security number).

After registering, you will be asked if you want to take the health assessment (tip – you must complete this assessment OR complete a biometric screening by July 1, 2020 to meet the LivingWell Promise, in which you will earn up to $40 per month in premium discounts for 2021).

Earning points. There are over 20 ways to earn points through StayWell! See the complete list when you log into your StayWell account and click on the “my rewards” tab. Once there, you can click down the list to read more about how to earn points for each section.

Here are just a few quick ways to start racking up the points!

  • Complete the HEALTH ASSESSMENT, earn 20 points.
  • Complete a BIOMETRIC SCREENING, earn 30 points (NKY Health will be offering appointments soon if employees choose to get their screening done at work. Otherwise, you can print off the online biometric screening form and take it to your physician).

**Even though you only have to complete one of the above to meet the LivingWell Promise, you can complete both and receive the StayWell points for each. That is 50 points with just those two things!

  • Complete e-learning HEALTH SESSIONS, earn 5 points each/max 30 points.
  • SYNC YOUR STEP TRACKER, and earn 5 points just for syncing! Work through the year to reach 500,000 and 1 million steps tracked to earn up to 30 more points.

Check out the complete points list online to see all of the options! Also, there are tons of incentive options to choose from. Once you start earning points, you will see an orange box on the left side of your main dashboard page, indicating how many points you have to spend. Click on that box to view the incentive page. An important thing to note is that 1 point = $1.00 in incentives. Each employee can earn up to 200 points, which means up to $200 in incentives!


By: Kelly Schwegman
Health Educator, Active Living/Healthy Eating