Juliann Taylor – Employee of the Quarter

In her role as Clinic Manager at Boone County Health Center, Juliann is always upbeat as she ensures that clients receive the highest quality public health clinical services essential to the health and safety of the Northern Kentucky communities we serve. Since she started at NKY Health in 2011, Juliann has held the role of Clinic RN and Clinical Coordinator at Kenton County Health Center and Clinic Manager at Boone County Health Center.

Juliann demonstrates consistently outstanding performance. Juliann is always so upbeat and positive. She is unshakable in her demeanor and her desire to provide quality care for each and every client she sees. She has an ability to bring calm to even the most tense/angry situations by listening intently to clients’ concerns/complaints. She educates and provides clients with all available resources, then involves them in the problem-solving process and assists them in developing a plan. Clients leave feeling empowered and cared for, instead of frustrated and misunderstood.

Juliann consistently goes above and beyond the “call of duty.” Juliann takes innovative approaches and does whatever is needed to provide outstanding client care. She sets the gold standard as she leads by example. An illustration of Juliann going above and beyond is included in the following story:

When a Medicaid card is issued, clients are instructed to apply for any extensions to benefits needed by picking up an extension form at NKY Health, taking the form to their provider, and working with their provider to complete the form. Recently, a client diagnosed with breast cancer requested an extension, and the paperwork was returned to the client incomplete. When Juliann learned of this, she realized that the client was at an emotional standstill, so she took the initiative to research and identify a contact at the Kentucky Medicaid office, then assist the client with faxing the extension form to the contact. She continued to act as a liaison between the client and the Kentucky Medicaid office, and then recommended improvements to the extension process. So far, there has been no lapse in coverage for this client, and the Kentucky Medicaid office has implemented at least one of Juliann’s suggestions.

Congratulations to Juliann on her achievements!