A Difficult Goodbye and a New Beginning for Rose Croley

Late December, back in ’93 (no, not ’63 like the song) I remember driving past the newly constructed Health Department on Medical Village Drive and thinking, “WOW, I wish I could work there someday. It’s such a cute little building and so much closer to home.” Ten years later (2003), my wish came true. I was hired on as Senior Clerk in the Bioterrorism group which reported to the District Director of Health. Believe it or not, my first “unofficial” main boss was not the Bioterrorism Manager nor the District Director of Health, but the Health Department’s Executive Secretary (love me some Covey/McGarr)!!  I was promoted to Division Secretary, and my official main boss and a constant in my career at the Health Department was George A. Moore, II, Director of Administration and Accounting.  After the Executive Secretary retired, I trained two or three candidates for her job, but they didn’t work out. Eventually, I ended up being promoted to the Executive Secretary position.  I really didn’t want this promotion, because a high percentage of the job was taking care of the newly hired District Director of Health (Dr. Lynne Saddler) and the District and Local Boards of Health. It was just a tad bit intimidating, to say the least. However, it didn’t take long before George and Dr. Saddler not only made me feel like I was part of a great team, but they included me in that great team as well! (Thanks, bosses – I will be forever grateful!)  I have thoroughly enjoyed serving the Boards, and am very proud and honored to be going out as NKY Health’s first-ever District Secretary. I will always be proud of the Health Department’s mission to prevent disease, promote wellness and protect against health threats for our community.  What will I do when I retire?? Whatever I want, whenever I want. Blessings to all, and thanks for the precious memories!

Edit: From all of us on the News ‘N’ Views committee:

Words cannot express how very excited we are for you to embark on this new adventure. Words also cannot express how very much we will miss you.  Thank you so much for your contributions, your guidance, and most of all for just being you. Good luck on this exciting new chapter of your life!



By:  Rose Croley,
Soon-To-Be Retired District Secretary