Sheila Nowak: One-Month Shy of Thirty Years

Join us in congratulating Sheila Nowak on her retirement, effective December 1, 2019. She has worked for the Northern Kentucky Health Department for 29 years and 11 months, beginning her career as a WIC Nurse at Grant and Boone County Health Centers. She also provided services at Campbell and Kenton County Health Centers as a floating nurse. Sheila has participated in many programs, such as Hospital WIC,  the HANDS program, SAEP, Williamstown Head Start WIC, and the Dental Varnish Clinic.

Through her years of service, she has received recognition for her dedication and community outreach. She has been a great contributor in improving services for our clients, and is a strong advocate for the clients’ needs and quality of care. Early in her career, she contributed to initiatives such as combining multiple services in one visit. In the Grant County Health Center, she is known as the “Vaccine Queen” and the “Dental Varnish Queen.” To attest for her dedication, she was once recognized for the most services provided in one day statewide.

For Sheila, the highlight of her career was being part of the Kentucky Angels that traveled to Florida to assist victims of Hurricane Irma. The experience was like the inspirational quote, “When you’re a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life, or a life will touch yours.” Those who have worked with her always speak highly of her dedication to linking clients to resources in our community. When you ask her what she will miss the most, she states, “Helping people.”

Grant County is not only her place of work, but it is also her home. As a Grant County native, she has a strong connection to the people in the county. She talks proudly of the important impact that NKY Health has made in the community.  She can talk for hours about the many changes the Health Department has been through. Most of all, she takes countless memories and lifetime lessons from her time with NKY Health. Sheila knows we all play a vital role in the Health Department, saying that, “Nobody is above anybody else.”  She will leave a big hole in the Grant County team that will be hard to fill. We will miss her expertise and care, not to mention her personality.

What will Sheila do after retiring? She will enjoy her days sitting by the lake and enjoying her time at home, but Sheila will always be an active member of her community.  Even in retirement she will be there when help is needed.

By: Alexandra Vega, Clinic Clerk-Interpreter