WIC: Women, Infants and Children

Pregnant? Children under 5? Ask Me About WIC!

We’ve been asking everyone these questions as we kicked off our WIC Challenge 2019 in June with the goal of raising WIC participation by 10% by September 30. The goal is to increase participation by 645 participants through adding new WIC clients and engaging our existing enrolled clients to keep them actively participating.

It is estimated that only 53.3% of women, infants and children who are eligible for WIC in Kentucky are actually participating in the program.* Increasing participation benefits families with nutrition education, supplemental healthy foods and referrals. WIC’s time-limited services and benefits ensure that children get a strong, healthy start in life. There is clear evidence that good nutrition during pregnancy and in the first few years of life has long-term, positive impacts on health.

Our clinic staff have been working hard as a team to reach our target population, travelling to various agencies, corner stores, libraries, laundromats, daycare centers, etc.,  as well as connecting with families who are enrolled in WIC, but for various reasons, have not been back to clinic. Facebook ads will run in August.

Raising participation has another benefit to the Health Department – increased funding. We receive $16/month/participant, so an increase of 645 clients would result in an additional $123,840 per year.


A pizza lunch will be the award for the clinic that increases participation the most, and the competition is fierce!  Pregnant?  Children under 5? Ask me about WIC!!!


*2017 Current Population Survey, Annual Social and Economic Supplement for US estimates; 2016 ACS; 2016 Puerto Rico Community Survey; Census International Database; WIC Administrative Data


By:  Cathy Winston, Nutrition Manager