Retiree Spotlight: Jeff Thompson, Sanitarian

Jeff worked at NKY Health for 32 years.  After a stint teaching high school biology, Jeff’s wife, Kathy, encouraged him to apply at the Health Department.  He hasn’t looked back.

Jeff has witnessed many changes since that time, but the one constant is what he will miss the most — the people. This includes the long-standing relationships with his co-workers from the day he started, as well as the interactions with people in the community, whether it be food or pool operators, residents with a complaint, or owners of dogs who have bitten a neighbor.

Jeff said he will also miss that early morning planning of his day, and the thrill of changing his schedule when he got a call from Laura or Ted about sewage coming through a floor drain at a restaurant, or calling into the office saying that he closed a pool on the hottest day of the year because the chlorine levels weren’t appropriate. What Jeff won’t miss is trying to sign on to his laptop, retrieve voice mails, print an email, fax a report, or really anything to do with a computer or a phone.

The Environmental Health and Safety Division will miss a consistent, dedicated professional who exuded knowledge, a great sense of humor, a demeanor that you couldn’t help but love, and someone who could teach you “how to do it right.”

Please join me in wishing Jeff many, many years of good health, great memories with his growing family (Jeff and Kathy are expecting their first grandchild in the fall.), and continuing to be a “sensei” for his karate students and anyone who crosses his path.


By: Stella Barber, Disaster Preparedness Coordinator