Focus On: Sonya Moseley

Sonya Moseley’s typical workday as NKY Health’s Immunization Program Coordinator/Field Staff is anything but routine. At any given time you can find her performing site visits in medical provider offices, schools, hospitals and childcare facilities for NKY Health and Three Rivers District Health Department. She also presents educational programs, chairs the Let’s Immunize Northern Kentucky (LINK) coalition, and works in the office fielding immunization questions on the phone and via email.

In 1994, Sonya transferred to the NKY region from Owensboro, KY where she was a nurse with Green River District Health Department. Since she loved working in public health, she felt fortunate to get hired on with NKY Health. Sonya states that she is very proud of the quality of immunization services that have evolved over the past 15 years in our community. “When I first started going into provider offices, I found many concerning situations that have improved greatly through education, training and building relationships with NKY’s medical providers.”

August is National Immunization Month, which Sonya will promote through with social media campaigns focusing on the correlation between influenza and its effect on chronic conditions, and a push with the schools to utilize the KY Immunization Registry.

While Sonya no longer rides her Harley motorcycle, for fun and relaxation she likes to hike, golf and kayak. In fact, when asked what she would do besides what she is doing now, she has a great dream job in mind – “Work for a sports magazine as a golf course critic…travel the US playing different golf courses and writing reviews. I would start my own golf clothing line and run the beer cart at the Master’s for some extra cash.” We applaud Sonya’s dedication to our community, and are hopeful to keep her off the links and in Northern Kentucky for a while longer!


By:  Linda Poynter, Oral Health Program Manager