A Seat At The Table: Kentucky’s New Food Code

Regulations governing Kentucky’s Food Code were recently amended, improving health and safety standards for food storage, preparation and serving. This aligns Kentucky with current national standards and evidence-based practices for the effective control of microbiological, chemical and physical hazards in our permitted facilities.

Highlights of the new code include….

Cut leafy greens and cut tomatoes require refrigeration for safety. Wild mushrooms shall not be offered for service without approval. Written procedures and a cleanup kit are required for vomiting and diarrheal events.

May the fun never end….

Dogs are allowed in outdoor dining areas, if the facility chooses to do so, provided certain conditions are met and maintained. That’s correct – no need to leave Fido at home when it’s time for dinner. Dogs have to eat too, but I hope the dishwasher sanitizing solution is at the proper concentration.

All joking aside, food-borne illness is a preventable public health challenge that causes an estimated 48 million illnesses, 128,000 hospitalizations, and 3,000 deaths each year in the United States. Food-borne illness is common and costly, but preventable.

A new inspection form accompanies the amended code, expanding the previous 38 debitable line items to 58. This allows for an improved focus on the practices most commonly associated with outbreaks and the preventative measures to control hazards.

Our Registered Sanitarians continue to work tirelessly enforcing the food code, reducing food-borne illness risk factors, and protecting public health, but please remember to wash your hands after petting Fido.

Bon Appétit


By:  Ted Talley, Environmental Health Manager