Did You Know?

You probably already know that the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) exists for our protection.  It was passed into law to protect eligible employees from losing their jobs when they need to take qualifying leave.

DID YOU KNOW that the FMLA allows some choice in the way employers administer it? NKY Health has chosen to administer it to provide employees the most flexibility possible while still serving our community?  NKY Health allows us to use FMLA-protected leave in the smallest increments our timekeeping and payroll system can track, which is 15 minutes.  This means we make the minimum withdrawal possible from our FMLA balance.  Contrast this with other employers who require employees to use FMLA-protected leave in larger chunks, such as half days or full days.

For more information about FMLA-protected leave, please visit the HR Site for Employees at: