District Board of Health Welcomes & Farewells

The new fiscal year brings with it changes on the District Board of Health:

With regard to Board officers, we welcome Charles Kenner, DMD from Boone County as our Chair, and Tom Cahill, Jr. from Kenton County as our Vice Chair.  We say farewell to our outgoing Chair, Jack Lenihan, DMD, who will serve as Immediate Past Chair.  Many thanks to Chair Dr. Lenihan for all of his service this past year.

We welcome two new members to the District Board this year.  Jeff Bezold from Campbell County will serve as Designee for Ft. Thomas Mayor Eric Haas.  Tiffany Horn, RN from Grant County will serve as Designee for Grant County Judge Executive, Chuck Dills.

All of our Board members serve as volunteers to govern the health department. They adopt rules, regulations and policies as needed; they hire the District Director, the Board Attorney and the Auditor; they provide the financial oversight (e.g. budget, employee compensation plan); and provide for a merit system of personnel administration including a Personnel Board.  Elected officials (or their designees) serve on the Board as long as they are in office, whereas members appointed by their respective Fiscal Courts can serve up to three 2-year terms.