MEDIA ADVISORY: NKY Health Urges Precaution for Those in Flooded Areas

June 19, 2019


Contact: Laura Brinson

NKY Health Urges Precaution for Those in Flooded Areas

— Due to continued heavy rains that have caused flooding in the City of Covington and surrounding areas, the Northern Kentucky Health Department is working with the City of Covington to inform residents how to remain safe and avoid illness during flood clean-up.

Residents with floodwaters in their homes and anyone involved in flood clean-up efforts should take the precautions on the attached flyer to stay safe when entering flood-affected areas.

“We understand that this is a difficult time for residents who are affected by these floods,” said Dr. Lynne Saddler, District Director of Health for NKY Health, “and we want to make sure that residents have the information they need to keep their families safe.”

“We are providing recommendations for residents for safe cleanup and disinfection as they address flood damage in their homes,” stated Steve Divine, Director of Environmental Health and Safety for NKY Health.

According to City of Covington’s Mayor Joe Meyer, “We really appreciate the Health Department’s guidance on this. We reached out to them because they know better than anyone the health and safety issues in play here, and can help us provide this important information.”

For a copy of the flyer, residents can visit www.nkyhealth.org, as well as Covington City Hall and other community locations noted on the website.