Clinical Services Staff Meeting

By:  Pamela Millay, RN, BSN, JD, Director of Clinical Services

Clinical Services (CS) staff met on Friday, March 1st for their annual staff training day.  The clinics were closed for the day and staff traveled from each clinic to the District Office training room.

The meeting was kicked off with March Madness theme music and Pam Millay launching the March Madness tournament competition.  Throughout the day the tournament was held and each manager was listed as a team coach and appointed either themselves or a staff person to play on behalf of their team in a series of shoot out events.  The first game/shootout event, part of the Elite Eight, had Debbie’s team competing against Pam’s Team with Pam’s Team advancing to the Final Four.

Dr. Saddler then welcomed staff and kicked off the meeting with more basketball music from Space Jam followed by a presentation on the current state of the health department and CS staff service awards.  Five year awards were presented to Amanda Harden-Davis, Angela McMillen, Nicole Tomlin, Alexandra Vega and Anna Wolford.  Ten year awards were presented to Julia Gottschalk and Catherine Templeton.  Two others also had 10 year awards but were not able to attend and will get their awards at a later date.

The rest of the day was full of great trainings and presentations from several outside agencies starting with the Angel Initiative Program presentation given by Bruna Souza and Amanda Peters from the Office of Drug Control Policy.  The Angel Initiative is a pro-active approach offering an alternative escape to those battling addiction. Under this initiative, anyone battling addiction can come to ANY Kentucky State Police (KSP) post and get help finding a treatment center. No questions asked.  In Northern Kentucky the Angel Initiative staff are now collaborating with the Health Department’s SAEP programs and came to the training to let staff know about the program and how to contact them when someone is wanting to find help getting into treatment.

The March Madness tournament continued just prior to the morning break with game 2 of the Elite Eight with a shootout between Doug’s team and Cathy’s Team with Doug’s Team advancing to the Final Four.

The break was followed by the Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children training, which was arranged through the Family Nurturing Center.  The CS staff broke up into three groups and two facilitators went with each group to provide the Stewards of Children program, which is an adult-focused prevention training program that centers on improving the awareness of the prevalence, consequences, and circumstances of child sexual abuse (CSA). The training aims to educate adults (primarily child care professionals) to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to CSA and the mandated reporting requirements.

Following lunch were two presentations from some of our vaccine representatives from Merck.  The first half of the presentation by Sandra Yarn, RN, BSN reviewed a quality improvement and implementation case study from Akron Children’s Hospital with the aim of improving their vaccination rates.  This was followed by a presentation by Dennis L. Vickers, MD, MPH regarding immunization confidence and the vaccine hesitant groups.

The CS staff were then treated to a presentation by Jackie Zschau, LCSW, and Milena Steele, Immigrant Case Manager, from the Women’s Crisis Center who spoke of their programs and services and how the populations we serve can benefit from both.

Following the Women’s Crisis Center presentation was game 3 of the Elite Eight in our March Madness with a shootout between Sue’s team and Juliann’s Team with Juliann’s Team advancing to the Final Four.

The next presentation of the afternoon was provided by our own Nancy Merk with updates regarding our breastfeeding programs and specifically on the role of the Peer Counselor, how staff should refer to the Peer Counselors and what happens after a referral is made.

Before our afternoon break the 4th game of the Elite Eight took place pitting Julia’s team against Liz’s team with Liz’s team advancing to the Final Four.

The afternoon break included an ice cream bar with all the fixings and following the break the Final Four games took place.  The first shootout was between Pam’s team and Doug’s team and it was Doug’s team who advanced to the Championship game.  The second Final Four shootout was between Juliann’s team and Liz’s team with Liz’s team advancing to the Championship game.

As staff waited for the Championship game a video regarding Teens and Drug Use with Kentucky State Police Trooper Purdy as the presenter was both informative and entertaining.

It was then time for a report on the CS programs and results of the client satisfaction surveys.  In the interest of time, Pam Millay reported to staff that a detailed report would be sent to them via email the following week.  She did however, point out that the work they do is appreciated because the primary questions asked in the survey, including how our clients felt about staff, were answered as either 95% – 96% being either Happy or Very Happy.

The day concluded with the Championship game of the March Madness shootout tournament.  The teams shooting were Liz’s team against Doug’s team.  With only one shot, Doug, playing for Doug’s team ended the tournament with a win (see the full bracket below).