A Day in the Life of a Health Inspector


By: Kylie Jenkins, Registered Sanitarian


A day in the life of a health inspector can be impossible to predict, because each day is unique.  Public health emergencies such as a food-borne illness outbreak, power outages, or water main breaks, can be waiting to greet you upon arriving to work in the morning!  Phone calls relating to food safety concerns are also an unpredictable event, as we never know who or what the nature of the next call is going to be.

The day could be spent doing food safety inspections in restaurants, school inspections, or quarantining an animal as part of the rabies prevention program; or a combination of all of these in a single day!  Nuisance complaints such as trash, sewage or mosquitoes can be particularly challenging when working with individuals to ensure compliance.   Public swimming pool inspections are anticipated by many inspectors as we look forward to the changing of seasons.  Any day could require attention to a number of of these tasks, but each encounter is different.  Being a health inspector is an exciting, fulfilling job that keeps you on your toes.  As unpredictable as the job may be, at the end of the day the goal is the same:  educating, enforcing, and promoting public health in our community.