Population Health All Staff Meeting


By: Elizabeth Schmalz, MS, CHES, Health Educator



The Population Health All Staff Meeting, held in December, focused on the FISH! Philosophy, which emphasizes four practices that are intended to empower employees to be more effective: Be There, Play, Make Their Day, and Choose Your Attitude.

The day was filled with cookie decorating, a lesson on mindfulness, “Choosing Your Attitude and Making Their Day” from TedTalks, and employee appreciation.  Abby Beausir said the meeting helped give her, “Learning skills through [the] mindfulness presentation, such as grounding our feet and breathing techniques will help me to refocus and fully be present for my client(s)…”   It is important to remember that you can be creative and playful at work, have a positive attitude and be nice to one another. The staff meeting really focused on that.

Staff participated in a fishing activity that highlighted accomplishments of teams and individuals over the past year. Taffiny’s desk decorations are from this activity.

Fish can be seen floating around population health, and this is to signify the playful side of work and positivity throughout the day.

Thanks to all who made the day possible!