Focus On: Jonathan Vorbeck

Jonathan (Jon) Vorbeck is the Public Health Impacts Administrator at the Northern Kentucky Health Department. He came to the Health Department in August from the Jessamine County Health Department in Nicholasville, Ky., where he served as the Accreditation/Communications Manager for four years. Jon earned both his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Public Health at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU).

Jon has a background in internal and external planning, facilitation, communications, quality improvement and performance management. He also enjoys public health accreditation and became a trained PHAB site visitor this past September, which allows him to assess submitted accreditation documentation for health departments outside Kentucky and provide feedback. This opportunity also gives him the chance to learn innovative ways or evidence-based approaches to implement public health programs. He is able to share what he learns through this process with NKY Health staff. Jon was the co-author of a manuscript on public health accreditation recently published in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. Click here to view.

Jon is also a part-time adjunct professor at Eastern Kentucky University, where he teaches/facilitates classes for Introduction to Public Health, Health Across the Lifespan, Global Health and Principles of Epidemiology. He is also a Kentucky Population Health Leadership Institute Scholar.

Jon’s favorite aspect of public health is working with dedicated individuals who implement programs and services that improve the quality of life of residents in the community. “Public health professionals are extremely good-hearted people,” said Jon. “The amazing work they do daily to prevent disease, promote wellness and protect against public health threats is truly inspiring.”

Jon was born and raised in Richmond, Ky., and is the youngest of three siblings. He enjoys spending time with family, watching University of Kentucky sports and hanging out at his parent’s swimming pool during the summer.

Something that might surprise people about Jon is that he was heavily involved in Greek life at EKU. During his junior year of college, he was voted president of his fraternity for a second year; he was named a sorority sweetheart; voted second runner-up for EKU’s Homecoming King; and received Greek Man of the Year. That was a busy year for Jon.