Adult Dental Assistance Program Update

By Emily Rombach, Oral Health Project Leader

Jane always wanted a healthy smile. Her whole life, the condition of her teeth has given her issues with self-confidence and overall health. Today, Jane has the smile that she always wanted.

John has been living in pain for more than a year due to a molar that came in completely sideways. John is now out of pain and able to eat the foods he has been missing all this time.

Clara has been living with no teeth at all for more than three years. It has affected her nutrition as well as many other aspects of her life because of the embarrassment. Clara now has a new set of dentures!

All these success stories and MANY, MANY more were made possible by the Adult Dental Assistance Program, funded by the fiscal courts of Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties. So far, there are nine dental providers who have contracted with the program to better the lives of residents in the community. The various providers are located throughout the participating counties and, therefore, make it easier for the residents to obtain dental care. The dentists are providing services from simple exams and X-rays to full sets of dentures.

The Adult Dental Assistance Program began taking applications from residents October 1. To date, we have 42 patients enrolled and beginning treatment. There are another 35 residents who have started the application process. Campbell County is almost at a waiting list status!

The success of the program and ability to help so many people is a wonderful achievement for the three counties involved, local dental providers, NKY Health and a rewarding experience for everyone involved.