Inaugural Fire Drill

By Stella Barber, Disaster Preparedness Coordinator

The District Office’s first fire drill was loud and proud as evacuees were serenaded by the coincidental blaring of nearby fire truck sirens. It all added to the realistic effect as we hustled out to the auxiliary (overflow) parking lot in record time.

“It was an incredible first fire drill,” said Stella Barber. “I believe everyone evacuated the building within about 90 seconds.”

It’s important to be prepared in the event of a real emergency. Please remember that in the event of a real fire, we must follow procedures:

▪       Quickly exit the building taking any clients or visitors with you

▪       Proceed to your assembly area

▪      Wait for an “All Clear” to be given before returning to the building

We will be adding an active shooter drill to our tornado and fire drill repertoire that will help to ensure that all staff remember to run, hide and stop the bleed in the event that an armed aggressor enters a NKY Health building.