Active Shooter Mass Casualty Exercise

By Jessica McElroy, Disaster Preparedness Coordinator, and Stella Barber, Disaster Preparedness Coordinator

Almost 50 different agencies, led by Kenton County Emergency Management, with more than 400 individuals participated in a mass casualty exercise on Oct. 4 at Beechwood Schools. Planning team members paired with city and school district officials to develop the exercise over the course of many meetings throughout the summer months.

This full-scale exercise was designed to prepare for and test the regional response to an active shooter incident at a school which might result in mass casualties (many persons injured).

In addition to the fire, EMS, law enforcement, school personnel and other disaster agencies that played active roles, more than 100 volunteers (including many of our own Northern Kentucky MRC members) were moulaged (had fake wounds applied) by the West Clermont High School moulage class and placed throughout the facility to portray victims.

Other volunteers participated in the family reunification process (parents reuniting with their children).

Victims were safely rescued…..




and triaged……

Still others were transported to a participating hospital site.


The exercise demonstrated the incredible ability of our region’s first responder agencies to work together as well as offered ways to enhance the capabilities to respond to a mass casualty event.