Congratulations to the Class of 2018

Pre-School, Head Start, and Kindergarten

Monica Smith’s (Community Registered Dietitian, District Office) little one, Emmalei Marie graduated from Montessori Pre-school at Rainbow Ft Wright and will be starting Kindergarten at Norwood in August.


Kelli Cllifford’s (Breast Feeding Peer Counselor) proud 1st year Head start graduate, Helena Sophia. She is moving up from her first year of home based head start (teacher comes to the house to teach) to a 2nd year classroom in the fall.


Nicole Tomlin’s (Clinic Supervisor, Kenton County Health Center) son, Jack graduated from Lakeside Preschool on May 18, 2018. He will be attending Burlington Elementary and is excited to ride the bus to school every day!


Juliann Taylor’s (Clinic Manager, Boone County Health Center) daughter, Avagail graduated from Kindergarten on May 30th. Congratulations to Avagail!

Elementary School

Jennifer Lillie’s (Clinic Registered Nurse II, Campbell County Health Center) daughter Jenna “graduated” 5th grade!  Now she is a big middle schooler.


Rose Croley’s (District Secretary, District Office) grandson Ethan graduated 5th grade from Howell Elementary and will now start his middle school journey at Tichenor.  Congrats E.!!


Middle School

Jay and Kelly Schwegman’s (Registered Sanitarian & Health Educator, District Office) son, Brayden graduated from Camp Ernst Middle School. He will be attending Boone County High School this fall.


Greg Swan’s (Communicable Disease Investigator, District Office) daughter, Bianca Alexandria graduated from middle school, on her way to Purcell Marian High School.

High School

Lucy Scalf’s (Clinic Supervisor, Campbell County Health Center) son, Drew graduated from Simon Kenton High School.  He has chosen a career in the US Army and will be leaving in July for basic training.  We could not be more proud of the amazing man Drew has become and know he will achieve great things in the future.


Amanda Cahill’s (Clerical Coordinator, Boone County Health Center) stepson, Trevor Keith Cahill graduated from Boone County High School on May 29th!!!  Woohoo!!

Beverly Underwood’s (Accounting Specialist, District Office) son, Jake graduated from Lloyd Memorial High School

Shana Angel’s (Community RN II, Campbell County Health Center) son, Sam graduated this year from Dixie Heights High School.

​Alexandra Vega’s (Clinic Clerk/Interpreter, Grant County Health Center) daughter Frances Hernandez is a Senior at Grant County High School.  Frances also had the joy of having her Grandfather visit from Puerto Rico to see her go to her Senior prom. ​​


Sheila Nowak’s (Clinic LPN, Grant County Health Center) daughter, Kaitlyn Kidwell graduated from Williamstown High School.


Devin Landers’ (Clerical Coordinator, Grant County Health Center) sons and Sue Landers’ (Support Services Manager, District Office) grandsons, Brice Landers (Left) and Blake White (Right) graduated from Grant County High School


 College and Graduate School

Nick Moseley, son of Sonya Moseley (Immunizations Project Coordinator, District Office) and son-in-law of Lisa Heck (Retired Quality Assurance Manager, District Office), graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at University of Cincinnati’s College of Engineering.  He and his wife Ashley will be moving to Iowa this summer where Nick will start the Computer Science PhD program at Iowa State University.

Martha Parker’s (Clinic Registered Dietitian, Boone County Health Center) daughter, Bennett graduated with her Juris Doctorate from George Washington University.