Message from Senior Staff: Lynne Saddler, District Director of Health

Focus on Linking

I have been using my newsletter articles over the past year to reflect on our core values.   As I prepared to write about the value of “linkage” for this issue, I found myself staring at the appointments on my calendar.   I had written down meetings with people from other agencies and meetings with our own staff – conversations to solve problems, keep up to date, get answers to questions, to plan actions.  It got me thinking about relationships we all have at work and how important other people and agencies are to us.

Think about it for just a moment – the number of people you interact with each day at work.  We could not do our jobs without interacting with other people– our supervisor, our co-workers, and staff from other agencies.  For us at NKY Health, linkage means that we form and maintain internal and external relationships for the mutual benefit of the community through collaboration and the sharing of information, resources and ideas to achieve a common goal. It means interacting with a purpose and that purpose is to make it easier to carry out our mission.  There is definitely power in working together with others.

Lynne Saddler

I do have to admit that it’s hard to write about linkage when it seems to be second nature to people who work in public health.  However, just because it may come with ease doesn’t mean that it’s not as important as other values.  I would argue that it is just as essential to doing good work and being part of a quality organization.  So, keep building your ability to work with others for the benefit of our clients and communities.  I will get back to juggling my calendar.