Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) Award – The Moving Team

By:  Kimberly Rock-Shelton, Case Manager

The Health Department constructed a new building to centralize the location of Administration and Accounting, Clinical Services, Environmental Health and Safety, Population Health, and Office of the District Director of Health.

When the Health Department needed a heroic team of people to organize the move of equipment, furniture and people from several different locations to their new address on Veterans Memorial Drive, they formed a crack team to organize the move. Every department contributed members to the team. Rose Croley and Lora Eubank from Administration and Accounting; Tammy Foxworthy and Sue Landers from Clinical Services; Stella Barber, Jessica McElroy, and Tony Powell from Environmental Health and Safety; Ned Kalapasev and Debbie Young from the Office of the District Director of Health; and Martin Matthews, Taffiny Paul, and Paul Trickel from Population Health joined together to form The Moving Team.

As part of The Moving Team, members oversaw organizing their department’s equipment and people into their new space in the new building. This task required not only the need for organizational skills, but also the need for people skills to help their co-workers transition into their new office space.

As is the case with all Health Department employees, no matter the task – great or small, complication or simple – The Moving Team demonstrated the best we have to offer. Thank you and congratulations on your achievement.